Greetings all,

It is my pleasure to meet all of you! I suspect this website will be a slow burn of a start but that is just like how I enjoy many of my reads. This site is dedicated to sharing the love of reading and writing between readers and authors. I feel like I’ve already typed what I want to share with you so the following is basically our about page, but honestly, the perfect intro:

A few years prior to 2021 I started trying to write. I was able to get a few drabbles published on Horror Tree by my friend Stuart Conover but as much as I love to read, writing just isn’t for me.


I’ll admit it. I’m a failed author. There are a million ideas floating around my head but with kids, work, and so much else going on I always have an ‘excuse’ on why I’m not writing. Honestly, I like the idea of writing more than the process.

However, I can honestly admit that I LOVE TO READ. I’m a true reader at heart and that is likely what drew me into attempting to write. So that gave me an idea. I want to talk to writers. I want to help spread the word about new releases. I want to interact with my fellow writers. I want to bring readers and writers together.


So I talked to my friend Stuart who I mentioned above that runs Horror Tree and he let me not only have this domain but help me set up a site on it. So, now my goal is to interview authors, share release news, and do as much as I can to support the writing community!

– S.C. Cornett