Q: Welcome Kim! I’d like to kick things off, if possible, with you sharing a little bit about yourself and what types of stories you enjoy writing as well as which genres you write in?

A: Hi thanks for having me! I’ve been writing for a few years only got serious about it around 5 years ago. I love writing horror and paranormal.

Q: I’d love to share a bit about your most recent work if you could let my readers know about it?

A: Other than short stories I am currently working on a Paranormal Romance series which is taking up a lot of my time.

Q: You have a variety of works out there, which would you say is the one you are most proud of and where can we read it at?

A: Honestly, it’s my last release. It’s historical fiction based on the Titanic. It is on Amazon. I started to write that when the movie first came out so it took a long time and many rewrites. It is the first novel that is purely mine.

Q: Where were you born (and/or are you from) and how has that affected your work?

A: I was born in NJ and moved to Florida 6 years ago. When I lived in NJ I had just started writing. It was only after I moved to Florida that I started to really think about it being something more than just a hobby.

Q: I see you’ve been quite active in Twitter Pitching, can you tell me your thoughts about it and maybe explain it to anyone who doesn’t know too much?

A: I actually enjoy it even though it really stresses me. I guess the reason I enjoy it so much is because I can connect with other Authors. I have made some good friends while Twitter Pitching. I’ve met editors and agents too. For an explanation, it’s pretty simple. You have finished the story and you tweet what it is about and if Agents are interested they will “heart” your tweet. Then you send them what they want and see what happens. That is pretty simplified, to be honest.

Q: When writing, what helps get you into the mood?

A: I normally have music going. If you wonder what types that would take all day. I have very eclectic music choices.

Q: What are your favorite genres to read and is there a book you insist everyone has to check out?

A: It’s funny I read romantic comedy but prefer to write horror and paranormal and some horror. As for books, there are two, The Shining by Steven King ( or anything by him) The other is one I read in High School called “Lisa Bright and Dark” by John Neufeld.

Q: Have you ever considered writing under a pseudonym, and why or why not?

A: I’ve thought about it many times. I guess if I ever go into a totally different genre I might consider it.

Q: If you’ve ever had writer’s block, how have you dealt with it?

A: Writer’s block is my mortal enemy. I will step away from the computer until I feel the urge to write again. I’m not one of those people who say “You have to write every day to be a real writer” There are days when you can’t break me away from my computer if I was totally honest.

Finally, if there is anything else you would love to share with our readers, please do so here!

I guess what I really want someone to understand is that I got where I am with a lot of hard work. It’s not only the writing and learning about the craft that is difficult for me. I have bipolar disorder, anxiety, and paranoia which makes things really hard at times. Each day I battle my own mind and still come out fighting. It’s not easy but it helps me to know I can fight anything and as long as I try my hardest I can beat it. It takes a tough skin to deal with the rejection that you will get along the way but as long as you realize what you are worth that’s all that matters. This is a tough business but I’m here simply because I Love Writing. I cannot think of anything else that I would want to do.



You can find my writing on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B074YCLRCF


You can connect with me here https://twitter.com/KimPlasket